Step Forward Desmond Mallon.

2009-02-08 16:01:34 by Pulstate

On Thursday the 5th of February, Armin Van Buuren played the DJ Eco remix of my new track, ' Lost Forever. ' I guess you could say I'm absoloutely overcome with emotion, as it is a massive achievement to get a play, but this is my second time getting a play and I also think it's time I started producing more ASOT friendly tracks so I can nick a play of one my original mixes or remixes that I have done. January + February has sucked and been great at the same time.

The major names to support Lost Forever are so far looking like this :

Andy Moor, Armin Van Buuren, Ernesto & Bastian, Oliver Smith, Daniel Kandi, Karybde & Scylla.

Most important for me is Kandi, since he and I agreed that my tracks were still a bit stressed and non DJ friendy, so to get a play from him finally is a big weight off my shoulders and now has inspired me to go further. I'm hoping to hear Judge Jules pump out one of Lost Forever's mixes too as he has supported ALL of my music so far. I'm looking to improve on five, the number of times he has played my tracks.


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2009-02-08 20:00:09

Congratulations man!! Just another big step for you and your music, best of luck to you!


2009-02-11 06:33:25

Congratulations, I am so insanely jealous but really happy for you! :D You definitely deserve it.