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A music producer/composer/DJ . Currently signed to Infrasonic Recordings/Armada.

29, Male

DJ, Producer.

Glanmire Community College

Cork, Ireland.

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Pulstate's News

Posted by Pulstate - May 2nd, 2011

I'm hoping to get all the people who liked my music on this site to like my Facebook page.

I'll keep you up to date, as it's easier than here.

I disappeared from this site, but since I appreciate your review(s) so much, why not add me on Facebook so you can keep up to date? I'm now signed to Armada/Infrasonic and producing big tracks, alot bigger than NG.

Heres my FB -> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pulstat e/118950121513181

Thanks! :)

Posted by Pulstate - January 15th, 2011

Due to the serious amount of schoolwork/sport stuff I'm currently bogged down with, I've not finished one full track which I grade as label quality since Somnia, but have been still making bits and pieces.

Anyway, I'll be submitting some high quality trance/progressive for you guys again, and I hope your reviews can help me out.

Since my last post, I've switched to Ableton + VSTs from Reason, and now have a 27 inch iMac Quad Core beast. CPU usage not a problem anymore.

I still use Reason occasionally for my famous '' breath '' synth, and other little synths.

I should have a post up soon.

Thanks all,


Posted by Pulstate - May 9th, 2009

Hey all, long time since I gave you an update, very sorry about that.

Good news is, you can all tune into my first radioshow, which is one hour of bangin progressive music designed to make you dance and sweat!

Tune in at http://www.pure.fm on the 13TH OF MAY

Time : 9-10 GMT (Use a time converter if you are not from Europe)

See you there!

Posted by Pulstate - March 27th, 2009

Posted by Pulstate - March 26th, 2009

Well, there comes a time in a person's life where they just know that their dream is either going to come true or not. I got asked to remix a new track for Infrasonic, because Lost Forever has done so well. So, I try out a new bass i've spent ages on, (house lovers will like this) and I do the remix perfectly. I send it to Infra and they love it, and want to sign it etc.

But it's then, I realise, who else is remixing this track ?

It's then my bones shatter, and nerves malfunction.

I am going to be on the same CD/MP3 | Release, AS.

(Drum Roll)


* Drops dead *

Posted by Pulstate - February 16th, 2009

Lost Forever [OriginalMix] is 3rd in the AJ top 100 for progressive!!!!

The Andy Tau remix is 6th.

Go buy it if you haven't already guys and lets get it to NO.1 !!!

Posted by Pulstate - February 8th, 2009

On Thursday the 5th of February, Armin Van Buuren played the DJ Eco remix of my new track, ' Lost Forever. ' I guess you could say I'm absoloutely overcome with emotion, as it is a massive achievement to get a play, but this is my second time getting a play and I also think it's time I started producing more ASOT friendly tracks so I can nick a play of one my original mixes or remixes that I have done. January + February has sucked and been great at the same time.

The major names to support Lost Forever are so far looking like this :

Andy Moor, Armin Van Buuren, Ernesto & Bastian, Oliver Smith, Daniel Kandi, Karybde & Scylla.

Most important for me is Kandi, since he and I agreed that my tracks were still a bit stressed and non DJ friendy, so to get a play from him finally is a big weight off my shoulders and now has inspired me to go further. I'm hoping to hear Judge Jules pump out one of Lost Forever's mixes too as he has supported ALL of my music so far. I'm looking to improve on five, the number of times he has played my tracks.

Posted by Pulstate - December 19th, 2008

All my stuff has been uploaded by others, and one of my tracks by me.

Leave some comments and ratings!

Thanks all. =)

Posted by Pulstate - November 24th, 2008

Hello again everybody, it's Mr. Pulstate!

The last few weeks of my life have been incredible to say the least, but in a way that is quite hard to describe. I'm now friends with guys who I used to think were relatives of people like, Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, etc. Now, I talk to them everyday, and this is a major benefit on my part for going further into the scene.

Been getting ALOT of pms and emails asking about Lost Forever, and for the first time I can finally leak it!

It's coming out on promo in the next 2 weeks and the tracklist is confirmed as :

1. OriginalMix
2. DJ Eco Remix
3. Allan O Marshall Remix
4. Andy Tau Remix

It'll be on CDJShop, Beatport, iTunes etc!

I'm also doing a re-master of More Than Words and getting vocals from Newground's very own Lira Yin! We begun work recently, and it's running along smoothly. More Than Words will get a release too, so if you feel like you want the full 320 dub remastered and with vocals, it's worth a purchase, but don't worry about it for a while.

My remix of Six Senses - Cosmic Belt is coming out after Lost Forever, after already getting a play on Karybde & Scylla's radioshow on AH.FM, and winning their famous, '' Track Of The Month, '' prize, I expect it to do quite well. Sample is on my myspace!

Finally, I have put some new work up here, with an array of styles, even a Cascada sample. I did the Cascada sample to piss off some commercial ear'ed fuckers who think it's harder to make than trance!

I also think you guys should listen to Fuaraya, the most beautiful track i've written, and heard in a long time.

Well, thats about it for now,

Trance On! (Excuse the pun) ?

Posted by Pulstate - August 6th, 2008

Hey Guys, I am taking a big step this week by getting into the DJ/Production scene's top 1000 artists.

I'm looking to cause a stir by getting even higher, so why not vote me as your no.1 dj in 2008 at http://top100djs.djmag.com/

I sincerely appreciate it! :)