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iVibes Interview!

2008-07-30 08:39:48 by Pulstate

http://www.ivibes.nu/index.php?article =5374

More priceless promotion!

Check it guys!

Where has the time gone!

2008-05-22 12:18:29 by Pulstate

Today, May 22nd is my first visit to Newgrounds in 2 months! I've been extremely busy with new tracks, school exams, new releases, and sports, and what have i come back to? 25 reviews on a track which i produced a year ago, which is still confusing me! I also noticed that i'd been included in some top 5 tracks competition and voted the 16th best artist on the site. I want to say a massive thank you to those who voted for me.

Many are PMing me asking for an update on my music, so here it is :

- My remix of Andy Tau - The Path is available to preorder on CD on http://www.cdjshop.com (Infrasonic Recordings)
- I've recently signed to Future State Records (Run By Andy Tau) and Monster Tunes (A massive UK based trance label)
- I am going to be running a sublabel of Future State in the summer, acting as the A&R, designer and manager! I will be accepting demos very soon, so if you think you have something different to offer musically, PM me as soon as you can.
- I recently recieved an award from a record label here in my hometown, for best youth talent, so i have been over the moon for the last few days.
- I am a soccer player as many of you know, and i recently won the league with my team, so celebrations have been ongoing!
- I'm 16 now also, my birthday was the 10th of May, so i'm starting to grow up.. Well physically anyway :P

Finally, as a thank you for those who voted for me, and reviewed More Than Words, i am currently producing a new trance/progressive track that will be posted here free, full quality and will sound better than anything i've produced in the past.

Thats all for now, feel free to PM me with any questions!

~ Your friendly neighbourhood Pulstate!


2008-02-05 10:49:25 by Pulstate

Fuel The Passion, which is my new song is signed to Infrasonic Recordings and is out in March on CD/MP3 at CDJShop, Beatport, Audiojelly!

The promos were sent to the likes of Armin Van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, Paul Oakenfold, Will Holland, Simon Patterson, Matt Hardwick, John O Callaghan, Les Hemstock, Martin Roth, Mike Shiver, Jon O Bir, Alex Morph, Manuel Le Saux, Aly & Fila, Activa, Fred Baker, John Askew, Greg Downey, Robert Nickson, Sean Tyas, Brian Kearney, Matt Darey plus many many more.

Hope you can support me in the future, and always remember, i can see all the reviews but just don't have time to respond to all of them!

Cheers to all.

Your friendly neighbourhood Pulstate!

I'm Actually Not Dead!

2007-09-25 17:30:31 by Pulstate

Well guys, i have not been on NG since August and i apologise for the delayed answers of all my PM's and reviews!

Good News : Just signed to Ocean Drive Records - My new music will be on EVERY digital store in the world, and no i am not using this as a cliche, it's serious. Beatport, MTV etc. Be sure to keep an eye on this page when a new link appears!

About new music, i am in the middle of a big collab with Elycion (An upcoming American Star) and it'll RoX your SoX when it's complete.

Cheers guys! :)

Status : August 5th 2007.

2007-08-05 07:57:07 by Pulstate

Well, where do i start? I have been so non busy musically recently, i have made 2 beautiful melodies but no inspiration has come, but i know that music is alot about patience, so i will aquire some and see what appears.

My track, FTP thats posted here, is a unfinished version of a track thats now complete, and is being mastered by Daniel Kandi, for a release on Infrasonic Records. They have been very nice to me, and i have used release alot lately, but the delays were because i had so much stuff to do, and Kandi had no electricity in his apartment, (Dont' Ask) but now it looks good for an August/Sept release.

All i can say for NG, is that, 2 new originals are on the way, but i never said what year!