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This is a uniquely deep ambient track. It's nice and soothing and constantly moving.

I'd add more verb to the mix to make it deeper personally, and change the pluck synth to a more closed sound filter wise. The current sound is nice but a little out of place in my opinion. The bass is nice and pumping so you've got me sold.

I can hear the November Winds influence, especially with the vocal cut! :)

Good track. :)

Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

yeah I took the vocal cut idea from your song lol, it made it sound much better :P!
thanks for the review :)

Inside Pulstate there is a little boy =D

.. Whos loves commercial dance still. I just can't get over it, because it's just so simply well expressed. Artists like Rocco, Max Faranhide, Manian, Pulsedriver, Accuface still get me going, and in this remix I'm guessing your going for a trance remix of a commercial dance song, always difficult, as their vibes are totally different.

I'm liking the intro, straight to the point, no messing around here. The bass is strong, but I feel the kick/bass are ducking each other out, for example, they are compressed so they duck. You can't hear the ducking effect, but instead the conflict lowers the overall level of the track, because when this break comes, (and btw, OMFGz0r, loving that piano), the track becomes louder.

It's so well equalized, and it's precise, and enjoyable. The vocals are perfect, and most importantly I can hear the words shes expressing, which is what I hate about alot of trance these days, the vocals are crowded out by the music, INTENTIONALLY!

Like the saw you use as a lead, might be a tad loud, but never mind, this is a strong, solid remix.

I would play this if I owned a commerical dance radioshow.


Mrmilkcarton responds:

<3 You

Sorry I'm late!

First off, loving the driving percs. Then when the melody comes in it kills the drive because it's 1/16t off the drums, which in turn makes the drums fight the melodies, you bring a bleep to find a peace solution between the two, but it's only a temporary fix.

Other than that, it's promising, you've got a long journey ahead so keep working hard! :)

Airprogressive responds:

Wow! Thanks 4 your comment Pulstate! Never is late 4 one of your reviews! :)

Yeah, I'll try to improve and work harder XD

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