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Ambient Chill - Dj ReVeRsE Ambient Chill - Dj ReVeRsE

Rated 4 / 5 stars


This is a uniquely deep ambient track. It's nice and soothing and constantly moving.

I'd add more verb to the mix to make it deeper personally, and change the pluck synth to a more closed sound filter wise. The current sound is nice but a little out of place in my opinion. The bass is nice and pumping so you've got me sold.

I can hear the November Winds influence, especially with the vocal cut! :)

Good track. :)

Dj-ReVeRsE responds:

yeah I took the vocal cut idea from your song lol, it made it sound much better :P!
thanks for the review :)

Dan Roth - Breathe Dan Roth - Breathe

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Your Close.

Greets Dan,

I used to be one of the more popular trance producers around here for a period last year, but after I signed a record deal, I had to ditch NG for a bit. Anyway, I am checking back here sometimes for talent as I work in spotting talent for this label which is massive in the trance scene.

I stumbled on this by mistake after I clicked on a wrong link, but decided to listen. This is catchy and well produced. I like the lead melody and the effects you used, though maybe a little overdone.

The bass/lead/kick mix is almost perfect and well driven. The clap needs to be changed though :)

Finally, the reason I wrote this is to brighten up your day. Your not there yet, but you are very close to be signable. I've sent this to my label owner, to wave your name under his nose.

Enjoy your day.

Des. ;)

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iheartsonyheadphones responds:

I'm actually speechless..

Hold Me Tonight (MilkMix) Hold Me Tonight (MilkMix)

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Inside Pulstate there is a little boy =D

.. Whos loves commercial dance still. I just can't get over it, because it's just so simply well expressed. Artists like Rocco, Max Faranhide, Manian, Pulsedriver, Accuface still get me going, and in this remix I'm guessing your going for a trance remix of a commercial dance song, always difficult, as their vibes are totally different.

I'm liking the intro, straight to the point, no messing around here. The bass is strong, but I feel the kick/bass are ducking each other out, for example, they are compressed so they duck. You can't hear the ducking effect, but instead the conflict lowers the overall level of the track, because when this break comes, (and btw, OMFGz0r, loving that piano), the track becomes louder.

It's so well equalized, and it's precise, and enjoyable. The vocals are perfect, and most importantly I can hear the words shes expressing, which is what I hate about alot of trance these days, the vocals are crowded out by the music, INTENTIONALLY!

Like the saw you use as a lead, might be a tad loud, but never mind, this is a strong, solid remix.

I would play this if I owned a commerical dance radioshow.


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Mrmilkcarton responds:

<3 You

Tranced Planet Tranced Planet

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Sorry I'm late!

First off, loving the driving percs. Then when the melody comes in it kills the drive because it's 1/16t off the drums, which in turn makes the drums fight the melodies, you bring a bleep to find a peace solution between the two, but it's only a temporary fix.

Other than that, it's promising, you've got a long journey ahead so keep working hard! :)

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Airprogressive responds:

Wow! Thanks 4 your comment Pulstate! Never is late 4 one of your reviews! :)

Yeah, I'll try to improve and work harder XD

[GF]MinimalJourney[GF] [GF]MinimalJourney[GF]

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Long time mate ;)

Just want to give you the notice that I like this track alot. This isin't really Deadmau5's sound as some have said, it's more Glenn Morrisons.

DL'd and 5'd.


Sound of Goodbye (Nvr Finish) Sound of Goodbye (Nvr Finish)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Holy ****.

This is by far your best work mate, I absoloutely love the original track and you've sold me with this remix, top stuff!

I don't want to criticize this at all. You are close to signing quality mate, just fix the levels of some of your synths and your there!

heartless1298 responds:

Thanks so much dude!!! That means a ton coming from you, one of my biggest role models.

In Your Embrace In Your Embrace

Rated 5 / 5 stars

A Technically Advanced Deadmau5?

When I heard the bass, the word, ' Deadmau5 ' punched me in the face, and it hurt too. :\

Joking aside, I love the techy bleep which plays an addictive melody, then a nice buildup to a climax with a simple piano, although I think the piano could be put up at higher notes to make it more beautiful. I like the road your heading lately, it's a very popular one if you can nail the style.

The break is nice, a little repetitive but very nice, reminds me of my own stuff actually, with bleeps, and soft melodies everywhere making a core melody which in itself is beautiful. OMG! You just used the Deadmau5 filter effect! Not sure what I am on about?

Where the bass's filters go all the way so they become louder and then when you crash into the kick and bass, the filter goes back to normal.

That just got you a 10 for creativity!

I love this mate, it's so simple, addictive, mixed well and sounds overall, good to the ear, and using that deadmau5 filter effect was ingenious!

Cheers! =D

RAVEN responds:

Hey Pulstate thanks again for your incredibly valuable input. First off, I gotta say you definitely know your stuff considering you instantly noticed the strong influence of Deadmau5 in this track. I was worried that it would sound a little too much like his style and not enough like my own, but I'm fairly sure that I was able to maintain a good balance between Deadmau5's bass/effects while creating some of my typical, melodic leads along with other additions that sort of revolve around trance instead of just house/electro. To be honest, I have you to thank for informing me about Reason sometime around October 2007. I was even ahead of the game in my Digital Music Technology class I took only 3 months later due to the knowledge I picked up. We mainly used Reason, so I ended up with an A+ for the class. Thanks again for the review, and it's really nice to hear from you. Take care! =)

More Than Words (Lira's V More Than Words (Lira's V

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Magical! =D

I can't compliment your vocals enough, and your intelligence to write lyrics. I am very impressed with the outcome of this! I even downloaded it here!!!

I may have us some nice vocals too so i'll talk to you soon!

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Liralei responds:

Pfff, it's your amazing production that inspired this. Congrats on the new single once again! Talk to you later.

Return to Trance (HLS Remix) Return to Trance (HLS Remix)

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hello again =)

I see your slowly but surely getting more and more into progressive, it is a beautiful genre isint it? It is the most expressive, dancable and melodic genre in my opinion, but enough of that.

This is quite a good track. It's simple, the mixing is acceptable in most parts and the melodies are really addictive. :)

The blaring objection with this track is the kick, it's just so quiet and non existant, and in turn you'll learn that this makes your instruments louder and more aggressive. Add some more volume to it, and turn up it's low end (bass) to give it more oomph.

The bass is nice, it's a really simple pattern, yet it works everytime. I like the plucky synth you use also when the bass first comes in. Just noticed your crash too, turn it down a bit, and add some reverb with more decay.

The lead is simple, the pad is quite yet harmonic. I must say i dont like the piano that comes in, it's just a bit too fake and ROM'd if you get me.

Overall, your making good progress, this is quite an enjoyable track, but it isin't something which would stick in my head.

Cheers :D

heartless1298 responds:

Thanks for all the advice! And yes, progressive really is a beautiful genre.

Also, the kick does get a lot stronger at 1:57. Before that, I had a lowpass filter on it so that the kick roll wouldn't distort too much, and I never remembered to put an automation in before the kick roll to take off the lowpass.

B0UNC3 - 7:30 Previews B0UNC3 - 7:30 Previews

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hi mate.

I like the samples in this, but Jam has caught me by the balls immensely, and as I told you on MSN, I'd have remixed it in a heartbeat.

Top stuf mate. =)

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