Back for a second time! xD

2011-01-15 14:20:16 by Pulstate

Due to the serious amount of schoolwork/sport stuff I'm currently bogged down with, I've not finished one full track which I grade as label quality since Somnia, but have been still making bits and pieces.

Anyway, I'll be submitting some high quality trance/progressive for you guys again, and I hope your reviews can help me out.

Since my last post, I've switched to Ableton + VSTs from Reason, and now have a 27 inch iMac Quad Core beast. CPU usage not a problem anymore.

I still use Reason occasionally for my famous '' breath '' synth, and other little synths.

I should have a post up soon.

Thanks all,



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2011-04-29 07:29:10

I am loving your stuff so far dude. I'll be listening.