Milestone No. ?

2009-03-26 12:52:50 by Pulstate

Well, there comes a time in a person's life where they just know that their dream is either going to come true or not. I got asked to remix a new track for Infrasonic, because Lost Forever has done so well. So, I try out a new bass i've spent ages on, (house lovers will like this) and I do the remix perfectly. I send it to Infra and they love it, and want to sign it etc.

But it's then, I realise, who else is remixing this track ?

It's then my bones shatter, and nerves malfunction.

I am going to be on the same CD/MP3 | Release, AS.

(Drum Roll)


* Drops dead *


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2009-03-26 14:04:30

Nitrous oxidie?? he's still alive!?


2009-05-21 16:18:41


All I can say... NICE


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